Electrician Services

Electrical repairs, gate motor repairs, and electric fence repairs. Certificates of compliance - fully qualified electricians.

Qualified and registered Electrician

Looking for a qualified electrician? Then you are at the right place. The type of work we do is varied, expertly done and professional. As electricians we have undergone training in various fields including:
Electrician for electrical fault finding and repairs.
Electrical certificates (COC)
Electric gate motor repair specialists
Garage motor repairs
Electric fence repairs and certificates (EFCOC)
Tripping plugs
Lights tripping
Dimmer switches
New earth leakage
Earth leakage tripping

Some of the work we do

Plugs keep tripping.
Earth leakage tripping.
No power.
No lights.
Distribution board faults
We fix it all.

LTC Electrical is qualified to test your electrical installation and issue an electrical compliance certificate accordingly. Our knowledge is vast, and we have been doing this for over 24 years. 
We are Townhouse specialists.

LTC Electrical works on most gate motors and will have them up and running, using genuine replacement parts, to secure your safety. We are Centurion gate motor specialists.

We work on electrical faults with your garage motor and repair it to a working standard.

From a broken wire to a damaged energiser LTC Electrical are electric fence fault-finding – specialists. 
The latest anti-tampering devices are available for fitment upon request.

LTC Electrical is qualified to test your electric fence and issue an electric fence compliance certificate for it. Our knowledge is vast, and we have been doing this for over 24 years. 

Many insurance companies insist upon voltage surge protection devices on the main distribution board of your home. They are no longer honoring load-shedding claims, and this is a great way to protect your equipment.

Electric fence anti-lift devices deter intruders from entering your property. Should they be triggered, an alarm sounds, scaring the intruders.

Tripping earth leakage, tripping lights or plugs, circuits not working, or any other fault, LTC Electrical will fix it for you.

Electrical fault-finding electricians.

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Electrician fault finding

LTC Electrical are qualified and registered electricians. We specialise in, fault finding of electric faults, gate motor repairs, electrical fence repairs and our expertise as an electrician in electrical fault finding is complimented by our state-of-the-art equipment.
Our electrician will find the reason for your faulty earth leakage, tripping plugs, tripping lights, distribution board problems, and many more.

Electrical repairs carry a manufacturer’s warranty, and our workmanship is guaranteed for 3 months.

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Areas in which we work as electricians.

We work in Gauteng mainly in the following areas:

  • Electrician in Edenvale.
  • Electrician in Bedfordview.
  • Electrician in Kempton Park.
  • Electrician in Germiston.
  • Electrician in Kensington.
  • Electrician in Bruma.
  • Electrician in Boksburg.
  • Electrician in Benoni.
  • Electrician in Alberton
  • Electrician in Primrose
  • Electrician in Alphen Park

Gate motor repairs electrician

We are experts in repairs to various gate motors including Centurion, Hansa, DTS, E.T and many more.

All spares used are genuine replacement parts to ensure that you get the best performance out of your appliance.

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D5 Smart Gate motor
Gate motor repairs on Centurion Smart Gate Motor

Areas in which we do gate motor repairs.

We work in Gauteng mainly in the following areas:

  • Gate motor repairs in Edenvale.
  • Gate motor repairs in Bedfordview.
  • Gate motor repairs in Kempton Park.
  • Gate motor repairs in Germiston.
  • Gate motor repairs in Kensington.
  • Gate motor repairs in Bruma.
  • Gate motor repairs in Boksburg.
  • Gate motor repairs in Benoni.
  • Gate motor repairs in Alberton.
  • Gate motor repairs in Primrose.
  • Gate motor repairs in Alphen Park

Electric fence repairs electrician

Accurately testing an electric fence using a Fence Scope Meter
Electric fence repairs using a Fence Scope Tester

We can test and repair your electric fence. All repairs to electric fences, as well as repairs to electric fence energizers, are done expertly and guaranteed. Furthermore, all spares used are genuine replacement parts to ensure that you get the best performance out of your appliance. Your electric fence is your first line of defense against intruders, get your checked and repaired today.
Anti-lift devices can be fitted to your electric fence and will sound an alarm once the electric fence wires are being tampered with.

Areas in which we do electric fence repairs.

We do:

  • Electric fence repairs in Edenvale.
  • Electric fence repairs in Bedfordview.
  • Electric fence repairs in Kempton Park.
  • Electric fence repairs in Germiston.
  • Electric fence repairs in Kensington.
  • Electric fence repairs in Bruma.
  • Electric fence repairs in Boksburg.
  • Electric fence repairs in Benoni.
  • Electric fence repairs in Alberton.
  • Electric fence repairs in Primrose.
  • Electric fence repairs in Alphen Park

Voltage surge protection

Voltage surge protection devices have recently become a requirement for your insurance policy. Without these devices fitted, your insurance company will not honour any claims caused by load-shedding or municipal voltage surges.
We only fit the best quality devices to protect your equipment. 

These devices help to prevent voltage surges during load-shedding reconnections and protect your electrical equipment.

Voltage surge protection
Double pole voltage suppressor

Distribution board faults electrician

We do electrical repairs for all faulty equipment in your distribution board. Electrical circuit breakers are designed to trip, preventing fires and electrical accidents. Earth leakages are similar and are designed to save your life during an electrical shock, make sure your is working correctly.

Tripping earth leakages, faulty circuit breakers, loose connections, installation of geyser timers and surge protection devices

Electrical circuit breakers are designed to trip and prevent fires and electrical accidents. Earth leakages are similar and are designed to save your life during an electrical shock
Distribution box repair by qualified electrician

Let us take care of your problems.

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