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With rising cost we all need to conserve as much energy as possible.
This can be done with just a little effort and it can mean a lot of savings on your electricity bill.

 Simply put, you are charged for electricity by the unit and one unit is equal to one kilowatt hour. A kilowatt hour is the amount of electricity consumed when a device rated at one kilowatt, or 1000 watts, is operated for one hour. Similarly a light bulb rated at 100 watts, consumes one kilowatt hour if left on for ten hours. All appliances around your home are rated in watts and you can use the above example to calculate their consumption.

Ekurheleni Municipality charges for 2017/18 are R1.67 cents per kilowatt hour (unit) if you are on Tariff B
Example: 1000 units (1000 Kwh) will cost R1670.00 at the above rate.

A geyser heats water to a predetermined temperature. If the supply water entering the geyser is very cold, as in winter, then the geyser will take longer to heat up than if the supply water was warmer, as in summer. This is one of the reasons why your electricity consumption rises in winter. A large geyser rated at 4 Kilowatts will use about 4 units per hour to heat up.

Things you can do around your home:

  • Repair all leaking taps, especially hot water taps. (This prevents water continuously streaming through
    the geyser and removing the heat.)
  • Electricity prices increase around the beginning of winter and decrease again in summer. Limit your usage during this period
  • Dress warmly and use oil heaters as they are most efficient.
  • Open curtains to let the sun shine in and warm the room up naturally.
  • Appliances that are switched off using the remote control, still consume up to 80% of the original electricity in stand by mode, turn them off at the button.
  • If you have to use the oven, tumble drier or other hot devices then do so in the evening and benefit from the warmth.
  • Close doors to rooms not to be occupied, it is much easier and cheaper to heat up the rooms you are occupying when others are closed off.
  • Keep the fins behind your fridge and freezer clean as this will improve the efficiency of the appliances Have showers instead of baths
  • If only two people living in a home have the geyser turned down to 40 degrees. This will allow both to have a shower using only the hot water. Why cool water down that you have just paid to have heated up?
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