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Electricity prices are soaring.
You can save yourself some money by doing some simple things around your home.

  • Put off the lights when no one is in the room.
    Lights are not the biggest energy burners in your house, but over a period of time with many on, it can all add up.
  • Get an electrician to turn down your geyser.
    Your geyser is one of the biggest energy consumers in your house. By turning the temperature down by a few degrees you could potentially save hundereds of Rands. Tip: Do not turn it down lower that 55 degrees, to prevent Legioinairs disease forming in the tank
  • Repair leaky taps, especially hot water taps.
    As your water leaks out it is replaced by cold water which has to be heated up to the temperature of the water in the geyser, and that costs money
  • Do not boil a full kettle, use only the amount of water you need.
    Common sense has to prevail here. It costs money to heat up water and a full kettle costs twice as much to heat up compared to a half full kettle.
  • Turn off the oven before you stop cooking, the heat is sufficient to cook for a long while afterwards.
    Your stove is one of the largest consumers of electricity in your home. Using it sparingly and effectively could potentially save you lots of money. Size your stove plate to the size of your pan. Putting a 4 inch pan on a 6 inch plate is wasting all the heat emanating from the unused edges of the plate.
  • Invest in an Air Griller, they are more compact and use less electricity to do the same job.
    This is a great idea when you are two people, and they’re not that expensive
  • Shower instead of bathing.
    Especially with  an Eco Shower-head, the water used during a shower is a fraction of the water used in a bath and that translates into big savings.

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