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Q. Is it possible to issue an electrical compliance certificate for a property where the electricity has been disconnected.

A. No. This is because many of the tests that have to be performed require electrical power, and a connection to the electrical supply, before they can be done.......back to top

Q Why do I need an electrical compliance certificate for my house?

A. A electrical compliance certificate is proof that your electrical installation is safe and complies with the rules and regulations as set out in the South African Nation Standards 10142-1.
The law requires that you be in possession of an electrical compliance certificate at all times, as does your insurance company.......
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Q. How do I know if the electrician is qualified and registered.

A. All Electrical Contractors in South Africa have to be registered with the Electrical Contractors Board. They receive an ďE Registration CardĒ upon registration which must be presented when requested. Ask your electrician to see his card and check whether it has been updated yearly.
All Electrical Contractors must have a wiremanís license which looks like a credit card and has the contractors picture on it. It is your consumers right to ask for these credentials and any qualified electrician will be proud to show them to you.......
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Q If my house suffers damage due to an electrical fault will my insurance company pay out?
A. If your property is not covered by a valid electrical compliance certificate then your insurance company will not pay out, read the fine print of your policy.......
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Q. Whatís an earth-leakage and why do I need one?

A. It is a device that provides protection against electric shock. When in the off position it also acts an a disconnector (isolator) and disconnects your distribution board from the electrical supply.......back to top

Q. An electrician wants to do the electrical extensions to my house but he says that he cannot issue me with an electrical compliance certificate.Is this ok?

A. No. It is illegal for anyone to interfere with your electrical installation without having the correct qualifications to do so. This qualification is called a wiremanís license and only a registered electrician with a wiremanís license may do this type of work.......back to top

Do I require an individual electrical certificate for each distribution board in my installation?

A. Not under normal circumstances. The electrical certificate provides for one main board which in turn feeds down to more sub boards ,all of which will be covered by the same certificate.......back to top

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